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Hand Bag

Most often made with a handle or a strap held in the hand or hung over the shoulder and especially used by women for carrying money, keys, purse, makeup, and small personal items.

Backpack Bag

A bag used to carry on the back, generally made of cloth with many pockets and straps at the back that goes over the shoulders used to carry the needed things.

Hobo Bag

A Pouch shaped larger shoulder bag specially made for women with a soft body texture that forms a featured curve look between the two ends of the strap.

Baguette Bags

A small, compact streamlined bag, which can be carried on a short strap that is able to be custom-made for several looks, colors, models, and textures while still having a reliable aesthetic.

Messenger Bag

A type of sack bag most often made of natural or synthetic cloth which is worn over one side of the shoulder with a strap that goes diagonally the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Messenger bags used by couriers, it’s also called as carryalls and smaller version of a sling bag.

Minaudiere Bag

Minaudiere bag projected to replacement for an evening bag. A box clutches which is small enough storage space to carry lipstick, cash, eyeglass case, credit cards, watches or keys. Usually, it doesn’t include wrist strap but it can be held in a single hand.

Bucket Bag

A bag has a round oval bottom, an open top and mostly available in crossbody form. It’s also known in the form of a backpack. Made of leather and embellished with studs, fringes, and chains.

Quilted Bag

Quiltis a pattern made by stuffing cloth and sewing it into a diagonal pattern. Quilted bags sport a quilted pattern on them. It can be known in all types of handbags from long side bags to clutch bags.


Clutch bag a wide range of bags, which doesn’t have any precise set of dimensions and characteristics. It is a small, flat handbag, without handles or straps; though larger bags with a handle or detachable straps which are also portrayed as clutch bags.


A satchel is a soft-sided bag most often with a strap that worn diagonally crosses the body, with the hanging on the side of the hip, straps placed directly down from the shoulder and it is traditionally used for carrying books and materials. Satchel back extends to form a flap that folds over to cover the top.

Envelope Bag

A slim rectangular shaped bag resembling a large envelope with fold-over closure, like an envelope. Known as a popular evening style bag. Similar to clutch style with chain strap.

Coin Purse

Coin purse or simply purse called as a small money bag or pouch, made for carrying coins. In this modern period, a coin purse is also changed as a phone wallet restoring coins for a modern option, to carry the mobile phone.

Shopping Bag

The large bag typically made of paper, plastic, or cloth with handles, that is used to carry for shopping/purchasing. Also known as a grocery bag.

Flap Closure Bag

Flap closure feature is available on most of the wide bag varieties and purses. Flap Closure Bag which has made with contrast color cotton lining. Flap closure bag is available in a lot of colors, all with different types and models.

Tote Bag

A tote bag can replace a backpack or briefcase. It’s a large bag used for everyday use with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch.


Wristlet handbags are designed small and featured with a strap to loop around your wrist. Offer to carry essentials such as cards, cash, and keys. It is used conveniently to carry your belonging things.

Beach Bag

Beach bags often set from ordinary totes and made from a variety of different types of materials.  Mostly tend to be water and sand-resistant. Easy to carry.

Shoulder Bag

A bag that hangs on a long strap from the shoulder which is especially used for carrying small personal things for a whole day travel. Wide varieties of shoulder bags are available.

Micro Bag

Handbags become tiny again, the micro bag is rather small or something big that is experienced in this fashion world. It can be carried neatly in the crook of the arm.

Round Bag

The bag which is strong with a round shape, often with a string or strap handle at the top which is used to close and carry. Also known as the duffel bag.

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